Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Batman: Assault on Arkham - Trailer (Official) & Review

To be fair, my initial take on this film is that I was planning on sitting down to watch a Batman Movie...

This really is a Suicide Squad movie... With a touch of Batman..

Compared to the TASK FORCE X episode of Justice League, this animated featured calls upon  the entire Batman rogue gallery - or so it seems.

Have to say I thought this was the worst version of the Penguin I have seen. Perhaps that impression by my love of the new Penguin growing up on TV's Gotham on Fox.

The Deadshot - Harley Quinn - Joker love triangle is the highlight and best part of the entire show.

If you do pay for this, pay a little extra for the bonus features. The mini documentary on Arkham and Harley Quinn are great.

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