Are you addicted to Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and other supernatural TV Shows?

From Dusk Till Dawn The Series
Penny Dreadful Coming to Showtime
The Strain Coming soon on FX
Bitten New Werewolf show in Canada starring Smallville's Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl)

ON TV NOW?- At some point currently running
2013- Dracula
2013- The Originals
2013- Hemlock Grove
2011- Teen Wolf MTV Series
2009- Vampire Diaries
2008- True Blood
2005- Supernatural
1989- Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (Dracula and other classics have made some cameos)
1962-89, 2005- Dr Who (Vampires of Venice and other classics feature reinventions of classic monsters)

2011-2014 Being Human USA
2010 The Gates
2008-2013 Being Human BBC
2007 Moonlight
2007 The Lair
2006-2008 Young Dracula
2006 Dracula (BBC TV Movie)
2006 Blade The Series
2006 Masters of Horror (The V Word)
2005-07 Dante's Cove
2004-2009 Stargate Atlantis (Wraith are reoccuring Vampire-like antagonists)
2001 Vampire High (Campy Canadian Sit Com)
2001 Wolf Lake
1999-2004 Angel
1998 Ultraviolet (BBC Vampire Series)
1997-2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1996 Little Vampire (Children's Series)
1996 Kindred Spirit
1994 Monster Force (Animated)
1993-2002 X FILES
1992-96 Forever Night
1991 Dark Shadows (Reboot)
1991 Little Dracula (Animated series based on books of same title)
1990 She Wolf of London
1990 Dracula The Series (Featuring Geraint Wyn Davies from Forever Night)1988-1991 Munsters Today (remake of 1960s series)
1987-88 Werewolf
1986 Teen Wolf (Animated Series)
1979 The Flinstones Meet Rockula & Frankenstone (The animated equivalent of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstien)
1978 Draculas Ring (Danish Mini Series)
1976 Monster Squad
1966-71 Dark Shadows
1964-66 The Munsters (Sit Com Classic)

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