Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unaired Wonder Woman Pilot 2011 - WATCH IT HERE

I just watched unaired WONDER WOMAN PILOT. WOW! David Kelley turned Diana Prince into a Corporate Entity and the whole world knows she is Wonder Woman. There is no surprise why even the Pilot never made it to TV. A lot of the elements were amazing. Adrianne Palicki works as Wonder Woman. But seriously there is a board meeting sceen where Diana is overseeing the toy development of WONDER WOMAN product line. Drug Testing Pharm run by Elizabeth Hurley is confusing as hell. Although ridiculously cast by the body builders from Planet Fitness commercials, the actual fight choreography was great.

This show was about 20 rewrites away from being good.

If you can stand these guys talking MST 300 style thru entire episode you can watch here...

WTF - These guys don't know who Steve Trevor is? It is unclear who he is in this version but they had never heard the name. How can any true DC fan not know the name Steve Trevor.

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