Sunday, January 26, 2014

Anyone notice how they cut off Macklemore right as he pointed out "We made this record w/o a label" - As an indy producer/performer I have often been target of establishment production houses.... Internet, and other grass roots have given indy artists to create art - big houses just want to produce cash. Every VH1 "Behind The Music" in 30 years has been all about class of artist and management and production. Trust creation to the vision of artists and you get great. Big houses keep stuffing fluffy crap down our throats...

PS Loving the grammys so far. so much better than VMAs. Maybe Grammys can teach VMAs how to design/edit sound for live broadcast. Grammys is to Blueray as VMAs are to home made Youtube.


OK - THAT's HOW YOU MAKE A MOVIE!!!! Coming out of the closet with my man crush on Chris Pine. in just 5 years he has rebooted to of my favorite all time characters. Jack Ryan: SHADOW RECRUIT may be disliked by those that prefer anti heroes and grey areas. Jack Ryan is an old school - He's the Hero, He's the bad guy. Now lets tear the world apart until one of us is left standing and this kind of movie you know who that will be BUT the journey was worth it because no matter how predictable, the ride was fun. Maybe that makes me simple, but so far this is the best movie I have seen in a while. And with all that's going on in Sochi, it was easy to imagine a cold war style movie. 15 years ago this movie would have seemed old hack. Now it is a reminder of a simpler time for international spy thrillers. I LIKE IT!!!!